My Voice

The sun climbs over the horizon.
Makes me wonder where I've been.
For my whole damn life now.
So I'm just tryin' to make it right, how?
Life's been full of many questions.
Ones that are difficult to mention.
Why did it have to be me mom?
I don't know what I did wrong.
There's so many fears running through my head.
It makes me feel like I'm dead.
My beating heart is so cold.
This constant pain is getting old.
There's willows weeping in the wind.
For the loss of good friends.
The times are getting so hard.
That peace inside it feels so far.
Can see the light growing closer.
It's fine I just want it over.
Ready to start a new beginning.
Hopefully I'll get those white wings.

I don't need that in my life.
I'm strong enough now to survive.
Ready to fight all those life long battles.
And to destroy all those judgmental labels.
Ya I've been bullied into depression.
So many fears anxiety collection.
Had my heart torn and ripped to pieces.
My best friends were taken to better places.
So many excuses for me to give up.
But I'd rather go down and raise my cup.
To all those poor souls who feel my pain.
Don't worry you're not alone in this rain.

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