My War

I didn't wish to wake up and be dragged into this war
"Don't worry, I'll be fine," is what I say to my family
"Don't worry, you'll come back," my mother said to me
Just a kid, with an obsolete smile
Building dreams and carrying a wish
"But don't worry, I will be fine, don't worry, I will come back"

I have to fight and never look back in the front line of this war
I must stop crying and leave the pain behind
These puddled cheeks and fallen smile
Yes, that's what comes back every time in a while
My memories just in pictures and the distance in a thousand miles
You my dear mother have in your eyes my strength
You my dear mother have in your hands my faith

I didn't wish to wake up and be trapped away from my roots
Behind these walls I'm tied to a false truth
I appear to be far, but with a simple call I break the miles
I appear to be alone, but with her voice she makes me strong

I have reasons to remember
I have reasons to stop crying
Even with a rock in my shoe I will never stop walking
I have a wish to chase
I have a family to protect
Even the worst nightmares will not make me afraid
And once again here I am counting another day
For that day to come when I will see my mother again

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