My Way

I'm tired of being the bigger person, I'm tired of being so strong,
And I'm tired of doing what I think is right and feeling like Its all wrong,
Always questioning my value, never knowing my worth,
Always feeling as though I was born on the wrong earth,
And maybe I was suppose to live in a different universe in a different time,
But we cant choose when and where we are born, that's lifes biggest crime
So I'm stuck here with this body and this brain,
Unless I finally decide to jump off of this crazy train,
Or I switch gears and I fly in the fast lane, until I either make it where I want to go or I crash,
Ash to ash... dust to dust,
I have to live my life my way because I must,
And if I cant be me then I'd rather spontaneously combust,
So dont push me cause I'm close to the edge,
And everything seems so beautiful up here on this ledge

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