My weakness

Lips softly touching
your body next to mine
as caressing tongues
blindly lead the way to nirvana

eyes roll back
the head is lightened
as it travels and soars
to a level beyond mortality

i awoke this morning
the taste of your lips
still on my breath,
sleep visions of passion
constantly recurring
during my early rest.

it was as if we spent the whole night...

My weakness is pleasure
and all that is true
all that is giving
and all that is you.

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Tags : Love, Sleeping, Dreaming, Confession, Kissing

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    This Poems Story

    This is about sleeping with a girl, just making out as we fell asleep, and my dreaming in the morning as i kept dozing off, about making love to her. Then i confess my feelings and appreciation to her as she awakes.