My Weakness

I have been told by my father, brother, my friends.
That men, don't share their feelings.
What makes me less of one,
because I sit here and write.

Why do I immediately get,
torn down because I’m not afraid
to lay down my emotions.

Why am I brought down,
in my stature because I’m “weak”
A weakness exposed?
I don’t believe that it is.

I scoff in the face of a man,
or anyone who would deem me a weakling,
because I don’t allow myself,
to bottle everything inside.

They think that I’m the weak one
the one who should be torn down.
They think themselves invincible
even though they are not.

They are the weak ones,
full of fear, anger, and hatred.
Unknowing of how to control it,
or to live with it in their lives.

I have found my way,
I have made my escape
from the darkness that looms.

That thing, the beast it is,
lives and thrives of those feelings,
everyone holds deep inside.

My release has allowed me
to escape it.
Now the question still remains,
Can you?

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