My Weapon Is My Pen

By Alexis   

"My only weapon is my pen.. And the state of mind im in.." - Sly Stone

This poem is inspired by this quote by Sly Stone with a mix of the show Underground. Man, if only the pens and pencils from the slaves could talk..

Do you know how far a fight could go with a pen?
What types of words could be spoken to puncture through tough skin?
Slander and lies.. falsified accounts.
A pen could turn loved ones away by terrible things wrote in large amounts.
To me, words are stronger than sticks and stones.
Words can cause internal wounds deeper than the skin and bones.
Words can trigger ANY emotion we own.
Words could also go as far to make people take the life that's their own.
A pen is dangerous when the words are relevant.
Words can effect confidence, self esteem and judgment..
Hearts and feelings can completely be destroyed in the body without even touching it.
Let's pause and take another way to look at this.
What if we use our pens to speak truth and life?
To encourage the new generation to utilize that Freedom of speech and stop fighting. Just Write.
Don't be afraid to let your voice be heard..
Even though a lot of people are terrified by the true power of words..
Can you imagine what power the enslaved could have wrote if there were able to read and write?
Their diaries of..
The inhumanity.
The tales of..
Their agony.
Their tears and back lashes wrote their stories of how they just wanted to live for self and be happy.
The atrocities...
From the picking cotton to getting whipped when trying to escape in the night, under the moonlight.
Old negros spirituals sung to keep their heads held high.
The stories from the women of losing their men, children and families.
Only to see them hanging from trees.
My God, help me..
From the whippings and beatings,
to the late night meetings about the Underground railroad to the dreams about just being free.
Do yall feel me?
They didn't work so hard or endure what they did for us to live this way.
I bet our ancestors roll in their graves EVERYDAY.
I won't lose hope in my people, my family, my reflections..
I just wish this world would take a different direction.
I rather see ink spilled from a pen on paper than blood on the sidewalk or intersection.
Please, just put down the weapons and pick up your pads and pens.
Because MY pen is my only weapon.. and the state of mind I'm in..

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