My Window

Staring out my window do you know what I see?
Death has come to accompany me.
The grin on his face makes my body turn cold.
The black cape draped over him is dingy and old.
I'm too young to die but I feel my own depth.
So much that needed to be accomplished before I reached my death.
The flowers start to die as he comes toward the house.
He knocks on the door and says "Come out! Come out."
The sky turns gray like the night on Noah's Ark.
My room stays quiet and starts to get dark.
He knocks once more and says "Come out. Come out."
I pray for my sins before I open the door to my house.
I run down stairs and open the door.
Death grinned a sly grin showing his boned teeth.
I stood there as straight and still as a gnome.
He said "Come with me it's time to go home."

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