My Wonderful Johnny Lad

Down by the meadow, lived my Johnny Lad
and I loved oh so truly but, people called him bad
They said that he was no good! But oh how tall
he stood.
They said he had no future coming in his life,
but one day yes one day I longed to be his wife.
One night we had a party at the river, it was
very cold that night,
I couldn't help but shiver. Then I saw his face
and my body warmed real quick. But as he walked
towards me someone struck him, with a stick!
As I ran up to him I could tell that something
was hurting him deep inside, because as he kissed
me briskly on my lips, my Johnny lad he cried.
A man found my Johnny lying in the soft green meadow
and he carried him into town, he was walking slow,
and as I looked up to this man he very slowly said
"i am sorry very sorry but Johnny he is dead."
Then I understood Johnny chose to die, he made
this rash decision the night I saw him cry.
The people had called him names and said that
he was bad.
But no longer will they ever hurt, my wonderful Johnny lad.

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem when i was 15 years old. My very first love and boyfriend was killed and writing this poem was my way of getting through my pain and grief.