My words

I cried again tonight and,
You weren't there for me again.
I thought you'd wipe my tears,
But you never came.
I silenced myself with the sound of breeze in night.
I am here with all of you,
We were together
But I was alone.
You never asked,
I never said.
And I cried again,but you never came.
It's not you,
it's inside me,
In very cell to cell.
One day I will die with you knowing nothing,
And I saying nothing.
Together with me dies,
My pain,my tears,my worries,my love,my sorrows,my regrets.
I won't take my words,
They will be here for you,
To know me after my life.
By then nothing will matter,
Your love that I never felt
Your care that I never felt.
This words are for you,
My gift or a scar from the past.

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