My world

Flamingos can fly,Cuz their name contains the letters F and L ,
But not the WHY
U can see the flame within them,So they can easily go
You cant see the truth if u dare to say to that no
I got thorns in my spine
But they never stop me to shine
Im like a flower
U will come to smell me from time to time
Dont tell me my poem aint well rythmed
Cuz it aint a poem
And this is how it came to my mind
It is funny that we r called man"kind"
In the reality only darkness u will find
I dont want to every wake up
If i do my own world will break up
So just make up
Your head and see the mess u've lead
From ur lies i fed up, so shut up..
It is stressing to see this square
Where most of my time i spare
And if i tell u about my stress
U will start telling me im a bless
You think im a game like chess
Well,if u win i might let u kiss

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