My World

If I could I would be there with you
Every second of every day
I would shield you from harm, take your hand,
And walk with you all the way.
If I could, I would contain all of your innocence
And never let you grow;
But I know it's not possible ,
And I must humbly let you go.
You brought so much joy and love into my life,
You make me proud to be your mother.
If you should ever need me, I'll always be right there
And I'll promise not to nag or smother.
If I could, I would never let you get wet from the rain
And protect you from the sun's heat.
I would never let evil enter into your dreams,
"My child,"so innocent, so sweet.
This is what I wish I could do for my child so dear-
To keep you safe, to keep you warm, and to always keep you near.
But I know I must let you grow, let you live, and learn,
So that the knowledge you receive
Will be the knowledge that will turn
You into and"adult."
I love you, my child!

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