My World Becomes Yours, Your World Becomes Mine

As God would have it,
to unite two tender souls,
from different distant lands,
into a merging of different worlds.
In time we will know,
every laughter and every tear,
everything that makes up,
our lives as a whole.

We will walk together into places unknown,
where dreams abide and hearts flow,
into the great maelstrom of blissful content,
where lovers bathe forever in bloom.
We will run together to our destinies on course,
an adventure awaits us for no fear can hold,
the power of love that resides abundantly,
in desperation to remain deep inside our souls.

My world turns over to receive you as lover,
my wife, my best friend you will help me ascend.
Your world turns over to receive me as lover,
your husband, your best friend I will help you transcend.

Let my world become yours, let your world become mine,
together in this journey we dare to tread joyfully,
upon the fields of life and the oceans of eternity.

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