My Worth Rushes

For a while,
my mind was a chaotic silence.
My thoughts were more vast
than the galaxies that spiral in space.
You filled me with doubt,
with second guesses and maybe's.
I had hesitance because
I was constantly preoccupied with the past.
I always believed that I wasn't enough
but who is to say that I am not more.
It was you who took away my dignity
and left me to always look down.
It's been a really long time
of giving up on myself -
I had put distance between
me and the world;
But this morning I woke up,
and when I looked down,
I saw that I held the universe
in the palm of my hands.
My worth rushed through my veins and when
I looked up... I felt it.
My existence alone is enough,
and I no longer need your love
to feel like I'm whole.

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