Myrical Quest

Brain injury recontorts development healing with a
shield of sin drugs evasion inside
altruisum coheezsched with telepaths.

Prayn unfurling dreamun twords re-al Heavening ancientral
fell loft when loves relationin skys
scroll truths wisdom Souls read in tapped paths.

Main moralling seecruts surre-al tendencies playun
unshells soft imuhjing dates joinin flights
stroll fuze lit mentaling bend tells mapped past.

Sprained blocked claims link evoluting momuntums seen dament-
ioning rainun hllogramitucks Creation in spliced
rolled truths met envelving neural attacks.

Maim rocks slayin revolves using blown endun dreams stand en-
juning pain from hallucunit flux streets lace dunjeon fights
rumunistens rolled lyserjal flashbacks.

Feign talks fate daletes solves moodz wishus strong insain plans con-
sciensing phased unautumnin lucks beadz lunjun times
undone intense swoll skys worlds attach vast-

ing Always rapetes sculpt stratijuns sin when strainuns quan-

tums trees spaced dustructing split above enlights

multuplitucks glown might born stark pacts last.

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