Myself & I

myself has the key
to a cage in the mind
where locked
I search in thought
the deeper I dig
in search for the key
the further i sink out-of-sight
i find myself in the mind
befriend the darkness
and ask myself
“who am I?”
myself furrows her brow
befuddled by my confusion
she turns around in amusement
and lets me be on my lonesome
the weeks pass by
till light's my foe
there is no sun left in view
the birds sing sparrows
wave goodbyes
myself appears again in the dark
I wave at her as she lurks in the shadows
she opens a door away from the devils
I rush to her as not to perish
myself smirks slightly in achievement
and bids farewell to all my freedom
to love
to hope
to truth
to reason
in loops
she confiscates my riddles
memories of the past are ripped in rhythm
a heaviness in the head is all i’m given
& I, the fool who is lost in a prison
run in rivers
in riddles of the mind
in search for a key that isn’t mine to find
am I in a room away from the dark
or am i in the dark away from a life
I’m just a prisoner of myself
of the mind
in search for a key
I cannot find
“it’s time to come out!"
shouts a mate
in fear of goodbyes
in hope that faith is enough for the climb
but the soldier’s lost the war
in a hell of the mind
not all my doing
myself and mine’s

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