Myself Inside

Myself inside is a dark,
sad person who hides her feelings,
doesn't show who she truly is,
she's hurting for many reasons,
lost family, love, friends, herself,
she starts to cut when her pawpaw dies,
and she doesn't find out until Christmas,
then all her friends turn on her,
they stop talking to her,
just shun her,
she knows she's not perfect,
even though she wishes she was,
but she's not and she hates that,
then the guy she's in love with,
leaves her! But not for another,
but for a job,
he says he'll never leave her,
but she knows that's not the truth,
he will leave her,
nobody knows when for sure,
but she knows it will be soon,
and it kills her,
he's her life,
her obsession,
her everything,
and she doesn't even know,
what she'll do when he leaves,
so it's her time to die,
she's gone,
but who knows if that's really the truth.

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