Mysterious Memories

ambiguous memories are everything, through sibylline rough green patches of life, strife heavier than boulders, over a million tons are weighing down my inexplicable psyche.
the possibility may become highly unlikely, depending on where you are.
your family may really be your equivocal enemies, give it time, wolves in sheep’s clothing, love turns to loathing, is it better to have or is emptiness better, think on an inscrutable thought again from a different perspective, bewilderment, see what the outcome may be, you never know.
the older you get, the wiser you become, your senses better sharpen and you better realize that what you once thought was arcane may not be, happiness is fickle and will definitely leave in a fleeting moment.
all we have left is the esoteric energy ripples we have forsaken and ultimately and without fail, we become the memories until the faded enigmatic memories that we once were, are no more...

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