Mysterious Wishing Well

I once saw a man toss a penny down the wishing well
"unbelievable" is what I said to myself

What makes someone believe in such a thing

Could it be tradition to listen to old folk tales
Or could it be the mystery within the wishing well

If you toss in a quarter will you receive 25 wishes?

Or is it only one wish per coin?

How deep is the wishing well?

Does it reach down to the earths core?

Or does it lead to another dimension,
a portal of some kind where time you are allowed to rewind

In order for your wish to come true
Is tossing in a penny really all you have to do?

What is it that grants our wishes?

Could it be a Genie or a fallen Angel?

If it is a fallen Angel will our wishes still come true?
Or will all wishes become intertwined along with yours and mine.

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