An upgrade to the suffering,
After years of this and that,
Confusion, hopeless feelings,
A massive block of sh*t has hit me in the head.
My eyes made a beautiful picture
Of something I can’t live without seeing today,
Even though familiar looking,
No clue what’s going on, it won’t go away,
It stays, and it will continue to stay,
My brown eyes from tears transformed into grey,
This game called life is boring to play,
I wish I could be there on 25th may,
Shape it how you want, my brain is made of clay,
Every day I’m struck by an explosive ray
Telling me nothing’s ever going to be okay,
My whole image is covered is spray,
Wondering where’s the exit, is there even a way.
It’s sad how the wish of having something
And not knowing what it is,
Is planted inside me with roots hard to pull,
Leaving my heart in crisis.
What the hell do I want, who the hell do I want?
It’s stupid that I’d go on the other side of the world
Just to see that thing, I’d do everything to keep it safe,
Yet what I’m fighting for is inside an unknow dark cave,
Impossible to discover,
But it still from miles away smells like a flower,
It comes into sight even when my eyes are covered.
I have no clue how many liters of water
Have my eyes spilled for you, but I know it’s a lot,
It’s hard to get rid of it and put a dot,
It’s okay if I’m unwanted,
But I want to rip the pages of the dark times I’ve fought.

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Wanting something impossible to get.