I feel like I'm wasting my time
trying to figure out this mystery of mines.
I tried to read between the lines
but I have to wait until the time should define
while the wind combines the loss of my soul.
My life shattered into pieces
when I began reaching out into the past
So I begun to run fast
To catch the last task
But as I'm falling
I fell to realize I'm loosing a battle in between time.
Now I have to find away to climb up into the darkness
where no light begins to shine.
Now hear goes a line of rocks combining into one.
Telling me I should follow this path.
As I follow It pulled me right out of a dream
Came out of a smile and into a scream
As i sit here I'm left here to weep my tears into the stream.
When words become unclear
I shall focus when images become incapable,
I shall break the flow of silence
As I pray for guidance
As I see everything in the distance without balance I shall not fear
Though I do my best I shall succeed
But I ask what if a fail on what I appear here
While the whispers spread there and near.
With following echoes in my throbbing ears.
I can't remain here;
Let my vision be clear
To appear this long last journey I learned on the way.

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