Mystery In My Diary

How do I express this heart pulse pounding, overwhelming surge of emotions, you make me feel like I dranked some kind of portion.

In the midst of my typical day, your email made it to my way.
Laden with knowledge, eloquent words darn, I should have finished college.

Writing you makes my words come alive and your attention is only good till five.

The left cerebral hemisphere which controls logic, I’m more of right side thinker, I think its biologic.

I don’t want to look to long in the mirror, but I have a mystery yet unfolding in my diary, knowing this love is hot and firy.

Logic tells me love grows a certain way, but my heart is beating because of you every day.

To meet the best writer ever and obviously I’m captivated, how can I tell you all that you have activated.

Come closer closer to me with your heart, and know I don’t want us apart.

Your smartness, your wisdom even your way with words, is the very best I ever heard.

Roses are red & violets maybe blue, I never knew how much I was missing, till I met you.

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