It was an early Sunday morning when she called to tell me how
You had cheated and you’d stolen, and our world was different now.

So, I packed up everything I was and caught the next flight back.
For the first time seeing who you were as our whole world turned black.

Mystery man what were you thinking, did your conscience even blink?
All the futures you were shaping, all the lives left on the brink.

Mystery man you lived in secrets, in disguise and in the dark.
Did you know that every choice you made would come to break my heart?

Now you sit up on her dresser in an urn of green and gold.
Dust to dust you’ll meet your maker, answer for the lies you told.

I will never understand you, think you wanted it that way.
Hard to let you go but holding on is killing me each day.

So, to save me I must leave you, move beyond what I have known.
Twisted truths of who you were are something I no longer own.

All the burdens that I’ve carried, so much pain that turned to fear.
May today they lose their power. May today I leave them here.

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