Mystical Symphony of Wilderness

Mystical Symphony of Wilderness

(Dedicated to my beautiful Native American friends, Nuzhat Nada 7/29/15)

Ah, this mystical symphony of wilderness
Is an echo of the spectrum of tapestry
Where spirit sang songs of love, hope, and unity
Where Indians walked in long garbs woven with wool and sunbeams
Sprinkled with pollen and flower scent
Their beaming faces nestled with rich black hair like shimmering silk
They lived with grace in vast valleys beneath the mountain peaks
Where the waterfalls in ecstasy created ponds and rivers
That leaped in the heart of the ocean filled with gems of luster
Ah, this mystical symphony of wilderness
Where the majestic trees of pine nuts, walnuts, and almonds stood like royal knights
Where young women, with babies wrapped close to their hearts, gathered nuts and berries
Where men rode horses with Chiefs and learned the way of life, through the sacred vision of the Great Spirit
Sky their father, earth their mother, trees their brothers, animals their friends
Their melody of flute called upon their ancestors living upon the land of splendor and beauty
To learn and teach the hidden knowledge and wisdom, messengers of Hope, the Noble Indians!

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