Mythical Attack

I had a one night stand with my old thoughts,
Realizing they were so bad they were so off.
I slept with new ideas almost every night,
And I kissed my immaturity away goodbye.

I hugged my new ego from the inside out,
And I drank up all my tears without tasting salt.
I colored in the gaps from my broken heart,
And I felt the fresh stinging of a brand new start.

I traded my regrets for the gift of change,
And I sealed away my pride in that fat exchange.
I flirted with Injustice just to decrypt his lies,
until he told me he won’t stop till all Aspire dies.

I tried to get with Rapture but he broke the code,
Making me the evil villain in his episode.
I rejected Bias when she asked me out,
I knew she’d turn my country road into a roundabout.

Dancing with my self-doubt was my worst mistake,
I left the candles burning on my birthday cake.
The soul and the spirit are not duplicates,
one meets the jarring world while one holds the wits.

Adam it was you who placed the cherries on my plate,
It was you who watched me eat them, silent as you wait.
But I wasn’t like your partner, I stay true to holy grail,
I learned how to keep my mouth shut and learned to profit when I fail.

Laughter, pleasure, leisure, though this heaven didn’t last.
It slowly creeped away from him turning warmth into the past.
But I would not allow my eyes to see the ending of nirvana,
So I fulfilled altruistic duties, some would question my Madonna.

I let him steal my cherries that were sitting on my plate,
I let him use my offerings which I used to lock my gate.
Now I can’t run along the train poking the bear for more,
So I’m the one who’s silent now,
And now I’m the one who’s sore.

She took a breath and jumped into the sea without a halt,
She dared not turn her head for fear of turning into salt.
So she flew up with Icarus when she should have stayed below,
Abandoning the tale are burdens only she will know.

He took her hand and showed her ways around the common law,
she pried away the lampreys and she told him what she saw.
An angel and a demon twisted up into a bow,
Even the Black Mamba started from an embryo.

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