Page 7,176
of a Dictionary.
I have forgotten the word I am
searching for, but,
I think I will know it
when I see it.
I am in the 'T's'.
I tell myself not to worry
until I have only
one word left to know.
Once I read the definition, I will recognize.
Once I feel my tongue
curve into the spaces between its letters, I will recognize
Once I see the
little square picture alongside my word
I will look at it, and its four right edges
blurry, and in sepia colors
until the image burns into my mind,
projects into my optic nerve
and onto my retinal neurons,
and it overlays onto
every other image I can catch sight of,
as though it is telling me,
"My Courier, I am your Animus, your Mecca
you have known me before your birth.
How could you have forgotten?"

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