Nadia’s Prince

O n a night like opal, the distant Time Square lights slow-danced in
N adia’s eyes as she sat waiting for her prince. she
C rossed her legs and counted flower petals, wondering if he loved her or loved her not
E very petal that fell to the bar floor made her believe she was a Princess.

U nder the neon lights, her
P rince approached her. She adjusted her gown and seized the
O pportunity, making herself vulnerable so that He would save her
N ot remembering the first thing they teach you in princess school

A pples are so often poisoned

T all and strong, Nadia’s Prince bared His teeth. Nadia
I magined herself dancing in a yellow dress, believing for the
M oment that she was being rescued, that
E very beast is a Prince in disguise

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This Poems Story

An Acronymic Poem commenting on Social Issues brought to light by the #MeToo movement by using common themes of Princesses and flipping them on their head.