I see in my future a fast pace, long time, not a race, must grind.
Early morning, short shower, edge of bed my thoughts are power.
Start the day with the best wishes.
Work work work to reach my visions
Learn, memorize, speak
Professor wants me to turn my simple paper into a speech.
Nervousness at the podium and sweat down my back.
Confidence in my eyes and bass beneath my breath.
Silence from each mouth, my existence is acknowledged
Nailed it like a floor board. I think I love college.
Next class long wait, recite this, rewrite that
I have to work for this knowledge.
4:20 reads the time, so on with the fast pace
Now in college on time is late.
Have to rush to the class to find a good seat
Learn learn learn memorize now speak. Its only been a day of classes,
my eyelids grow weak. Parking lot walk
Rest in the car. Legs tired beneath the knees.
Hands on the wheel, you gave me strength
I just want to say God you blessed me today.

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