I am a beautiful delicate flower from my head to my hips
A violen even without strings
A girl that moved music by the depth of her wings
But how is it that he can decieve something so sweet
Something finer than white silk sheets
It hurts and it's kind of funny
That she could look at someone so long and not see they're cunning
But he hid himself underneath it all
Pretending to be something good but not at all
But he's right things happen for a reason
I guess you could say what he did to me was treason
Lying to me, to the very end
That's the moment I realized I had lost my friend
He seemed like he would have fought for me
Like a lion protects his lioness
Bends on one knee to approach his highness
A Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde
To him there was one and his other side
I will not raise my voice nor give him my wrath
Because I don't want to give him that
It is not his to have
And I pray all of God's mercy he will lend
Because it would be absolutely wrong of me
To wish something bad on someone, I once called my friend
Temporary is lust and what's really good doesn't rust
Like strong hardwood his trust, love to dirt and dust.

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