Naive Love

you were so eager to be loved and i was just as eager to love you.
you made me believe the future was bright for us
and i hung on to every word you said.
you called me a queen
and said you didn’t know what you did to deserve me
but you didn’t deserve me.
you didn’t deserve anything i gave you.
you made the mistake of rushing into love
and i made the mistake of trusting you.
you can’t just say “i love you,” and then walk away.
one day you’ll understand that there will never be a girl
that is down for you as much as i was.
i could have been your everything but you gave me up.
i ignored all of the signs because i thought we would last,
but you didn’t have faith in us the way i did.
don’t act like it wasn’t real because you promised me a future.
i understand that we were on two different pages.
in the end, you couldn’t hold up your end of the bargain.
just because you’ve forgotten, doesn’t mean that i have.

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