Naive Selflessness

I found an opening in the back left corner of my heart
I used my hands to increase the opening, so I could peak inside
I found a liquid spread across the surface,
glowing softly through the beating darkness

I asked God what it was
I sat in silence as the words slowly danced off his tongue
It's all the love in your heart, be careful who you give it to

First, I poured some out for my Mom.
She kept it in a jar by her bedside
I gave some to my Dad
in a box sealed with our letters

At sunrise, I poured some in a plastic bowl and placed it safely on the biggest wave I could find, hoping the sunset would receive it
I gave a cup to the old man who sits in the corner of the moon, asking for money from no one
I poured some for the girls whose confidence neglected to rain down on them, leaving them alone in their drought

And the rest?
The rest I gave to you.
Yet when I saw your cup spilled across the wood floor
I realized I hadn't any left for me

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