would you like to get naked with me?
not naked in a superficial way
naked in a raw way
a way i’ve never done before
let’s bare it all
layer by layer

we will start with the clothing
that covers all of our scars
but i want to go further, underneath your skin
to really learn who you are
i’ll swim through your veins
and you can swim through mine
exposing all of our fears
what sends shivers down your spine?

we’re not truly naked
until we are down to bones
i want to see what shapes you
how you look
how you feel
when you’re stripped down to nothing
when we are stripped down to nothing
not even skin covering our darkest secrets

there’s nothing left to hide
our skeletons can mingle
our souls forever tied
dancing endlessly together
to our own sweet melody
never missing a beat
we’ll be in perfect harmony


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