Naked for Love

Everyone loses pieces of their soul,
But in heavy different ways, oh God...
In the arms of a lover, from the lies of a stranger,
or a cut from another broken heart.
But there is always that losing,
Like losing a pearl from a necklace or a drop of ocean evaporating.
There are souls that feed on others.
Like ravens they claw at other souls for pieces.
They scar them until they pull out the bones under the scraped skin,
until there is no blood to drip.
Then they leave the bare bones to bask in the sun,
For their blood to dry and their soul to healing.
The poor devoured soul, are just left to kneeling.
And these souls, the preys,
Are willing to burn and blaze.
They say, oh how wonderful the sun is,
Oh God how wonderful this life is.
For their vulnerability has made them naked,
their kneeling has humbled them.
Naked for love, every storm and thus happiness.
Knelt, with spread arms, to receive the offerings from God.

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