I do not have a set and given name. For my name could be anything you wish for it to be. Whatever name you give me may contradict a name someone else has given me. Now, a name could mean simply anything. It could discribe me if you name me correctly... But no one would know but me, and i gave myself a name that no one else knows. And nobody else knows because my name is mine and there is a very fine line between my name and who i am. My name is not an actual name however i will allow you to try again and again until you think you've got it right. Although I'd never let you know, but you can decide what you think would fit me best. But if you dare to call me "hey you," I refuse to turn around because that wont describe in the fitest. My name? I already said I wouldn't tell you. But you can try and guess again. I'll tell you the positive guesses such as smart, pretty, and maybe bubbly. However those dont fit correctly and I'll tell you the negative names humbly. Fat, gross, and ugly won't correctly describe me. So a wild guess could come in to play and you may say that my name is Okay. However, and in fact, I am not Okay, because no one knows my name and I cannot say it aloud. My name cannot be spoken in such a carefree way, where it is tossed around and put on display. You see, before you say someone's name, you should get to know the beholder of the name.

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