If I re-named myself Serene, would I be set free?
There’s so much personality in what we’re named.
I think if I were named better, I’d be more famous.
You know, like the exotic women whom are admirably untamed.
I want my name to embrace me and help my soul feel unashamed.

I want my name to say “Hey You’re Beautiful” in the mirror everyday.
I want to leave little pieces of “I Was Here” in everything touched.
I want to embrace myself before I will someday becomes yesterday.
The cards I was dealt in life must be clutched.
The right now can be retouched, but the past and the future must be left untouched by us.

Every hour we die, our personalities are channeled onto Earth.
Embodied by what we touch, I hope what remains captive is nice.
I hope you were able to realize how much your words are really worth.
I hope you knew, good Spirit really does come in handy when you’re trying to throw life’s dice.
Throw without focus or with anger towards others, and you’ll end up rolling all snake eyes.

Bad luck, it’s over if you don’t change your attitude.
Life won’t be played in your favor if you’re acting selfish and bitter.
You’ll be wiped off the World’s atlas leaving behind nothing but your negative atoms.
It’s like narcissism, the spoiled bratty kid, and over-thinking became a flying insect, and you were bitten.
There’s a cure, but the life after it is really bittersweet.

You can turn the page, but the easy way out and back to is still there.
It’s who you are; Life is June Carter and you’ll always be Johnny Cash forever walking that line.
Don’t forget you can learn from old ways even if they’ll always be your biggest life threat.
If there’s a chance to give your name to others, you should be one of the first to line-up.
Be happy with the fact that a touchdown would never be made without the run being protected by safeties and linebackers.

Near the last stanza, I hope I gave this an authentic try of my own.
I wanted to find my name, and now here I am.
I’ve learned there’s nothing I would rather do but be my best one and only.
The good side of me will have to keep sending my inner ego the telegram.
See you later, I hope you catch me again on the days I’ve gotten with the program.

This last stanza is for when you’re feeling overwhelmed by the negative.
To remind you to write “Hey Man, Be Positive” on your brain every day, remember the downfalls of our bad sides.
In order to pick yourself up and be a brighter person, steal your words from the Sunrays the Sun writes to us in cursive.
I wouldn’t want anyone to drown in the river of negativity and go ahead to fall down the waterfall of egomania and shame.
So listen to my words when I say get out there mindfully because some things in life you have to find and try not outshining.

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