Nana Come Home

I wake up wanting to call you,
To hear your voice, to brighten my day.
A trip to Gallinas to see you,
Nana, I am on my way.
Now the breeze through the trees seems lifeless,
Now the river barely runs.
The memories of my childhood happiness,
Are all I have left to love.
I remember the day you went,
I felt cold and defeated and alone.
I wished and I prayed in the silence,
Nana no puedo, te amo, come home.
As I held your hand in mine,
With my heart full of regret.
I wondered if this whole time,
You knew what I was holding in secret.
She's about to be 15 months old now,
And she just so much like you.
Every day I wonder just how,
You could've gone so soon.
She didn't even know you,
And it angers me inside.
You were supposed to be here too,
It's not fair and she needs you and so do I.
I watch my Addie playing,
So peacefully and happily yet all alone.
All the while I am praying,
Nana, no puedo, te amo, come home.

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