Looking in the mirror what do you see
An empty shell, mask, wishing you were me
Many hours you spend in the mirror
Sister, don't you see your bad behavior
You are vain, self-centered, apathetic
Blame others, never apologetic
Calculating, conniving, contentious
Manipulative, vindictive, jealous
Exaggerate, grandiose and bragger
Play the victim, trouble-maker, liar
Attention seeker and antagonist
You are the epitome narcissist
You lied, betrayed, caused a family split
Drama queen, yet another tantrum fit
Demented, insane, crazy, lunatic
They all mean the same; you can take your pick
Younger years, I knew, you were not normal
Older now, I know, you are ill, mental
So this is not a phase and it won't pass
You're a narcissistic sociopath
Now I pray for judgement day where you tell
God what you did, and he casts you to hell

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