Narcoleptic Pestilence


Like driftwood that is out at sea, our country is drifting in and out consistently.  
The tides pull in and the tides push out, the driftwood never figures it out.
The sea lulls the wood into an empty state of mind, then the storm hits leaving nothing behind.  
While the driftwood was stuck in the habit of the sea, it didn’t see the surroundings that be.  
The sea that ravaged everything in sight, or the unforgiving moon at night.
Pushing and pulling the waves on repeat, the wood became so used to the motion of the sea.  
There was no notice to all the decay, waterlogged and broken down the driftwood could not float away.  
See the driftwood was caught up in how it used to be, it never noticed how pestilence took over the sea.  
Rotting away at the woods whole being, the sea kept pushing and pulling, pushing and pulling.  
Unless the driftwood snaps out of the lull of the sea, then the waves will keep crashing down until there is nothing more to be.  

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