Nasty Habits

There are many ways I got to know your electric blue eyes and your charred, aching soul.
I watched your favorite channels.
I listened to your radio stations.
I fasted for days, even abstained from my temptations.
Daily I prayed and I sent you positive vibes.
I imagined you healing as I listened to your records of The Hives.
I knew there'd be a struggle because our demons like to fight.
Especially if we keep them locked away day and night.
Its easy to get hooked, addicted to a certain kind of sadness.
It doesn't take too long though before it transitions into madness.
Infinite sorrow is a bad drug that you're enamored with.
It gives you an early grave and then it shreds your heart to bits.
Wanting to swallow you whole, it'll consume all you have.
It wants to take your soul and turn it insatiably ugly & black.
You despise it, but you love it because it makes you feel,
even if it's loneliness, at least it's something real.
I wish things were better and that we humans were not so dumb.
Experience has taught me theres no upside to indefinitely being numb.
Essentially, feeling is good because it lets you know you're still breathing.
It wakes you from the coma when your soul is drained from bleeding.
Does Mr. Melancholy like to sit upon your shoulders, too?
Shake him off while you can.
Don't let him make you blue!
I could've sworn I'd met you there in that place so peaceful and nice.
Your mind had finally transcended.
We were together in paradise.
Your aura was deep purple with a hint of neon green.
There, you were known as Novaleigh and I was Fingerling.
We danced under the pale moon.
Your spirit was finally free.
We were one with the universe, thus our third eyes could see.
With every fiber of my being, I believed in what you could be.
I watched us drift away together but I knew you'd soon have to leave.
Therapy did not seem to help and your rehab was a bust.
You have to want this for yourself, only you, not for anyone of us.
I know that you can do this.
I think you somehow know it too.
Just remember the future that lays up ahead.
Don't forget me anytime soon.

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