Native American Domain

There is a secret place... I like to go.
Hidden from view..from those who do not know.
A mystical land with a race so rare.
Come with me quickly!... I'll take you there.

Shhh…say not a word.
Walk silently and do not be heard.
Tiptoe with me thru the trees and tall grass,
Past the rocks and pebbles…hurry come fast!

The waterfall is where... hides the door
To the land now past... that is never more.
Enter the door and remember what u see.
Long now forgotten is the land that beckons me.

The people that live here, respect the land
They take only what's needed and give back what they can.
They teach their children of the day white men came.
Since that day, it has never been the same.

Great battles were fought at such a great cost.
The women, they cried for the warriors they lost.
Greed of the dollar and respect of none.
This is our history…but now it is done.

They whisper to me, and say it's time to go
Back to the present..with my head hung low.
They say the Great Spirit … will always remain,
In the land...of the Native American Domain.

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