Native for the Naive

Vultures picking at your feet
Won't let you cross the street, of success
Unless they get your take
What a mistake
Will they call a Mountie
As you try and get your bounty
Fighting for freedom is as always terroristic
How simplistic
Capitalists trying to capitalize
Look into their soulless eyes
Thinking the world revolves around money, funny
That gravity hasn't made them more grounded or morally sounded
Called unpatriotic, they must be psychotic
For not knowing the system was designed to be changed when needed
Tribal pleading, no forever not conceding
Colonization of civilization across every nation
Vultures you should not admire nor be their squire
Time to rise like a Phoenix with the spirit of Venus
Love was her mantra and victory
Wonder what you have learned of history
Attempt to be more mature that is the cure
Evolution is devolving from the lack of solving
Walk a mile in their shoeless feet and know they are not unique
At least not historically or metaphorically
Won't look you in the eyes for what they have become
Vultures are no fun and should feel your shun

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This Poems Story

Third peson account through the view of an original caretaker of this land named Renegade Sausage.