Native Haven

Hair, long and glossy as a raven’s wing.
Eyes, strong and clear that can cut through cold ice.
Voice, as soft and sweet as the songs she sings.
Skin, perfectly toned which shines very nice.

Wind, cleansing as it passes through the day.
Fire, as it burns spices and sweet smells.
Water, rushing as it parts every way.
Earth, with it’s charming sounds that ring like bells.

Sight, sun of the day and stars of the night.
Sound, calls of animals that fill the air.
Touch, soft furs and sharp tools that cut just right.
Smell, salty sea air or soft plains of flair.

Spirit, finalizing just like a song.
But like every Haven, it won’t last long.

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Key Words : Native, Haven, Spirit

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This Poems Story

This poem was inspired by Sacagawea and Native American times. It\'s Native American Heritage month, so I thought I would pitch in.