Native Soil

I move upon a trackless path - no moccasins in sight
My cry the song of the Ancient One - I dance in inner flight
I am red earth, Oklahoma soil - I've known both storm and dust
Mountains and deserts friends of mine - They've felt my sacred touch
So many pilgrims walk on me - I give welcome to them all
I survive, I stand my ground - for my Spirit's great and tall
Territories, I have two
There are secrets in my name
Within my red earth is hallowed ground
Returning man from whence he came
Oh pilgrim, if it be God's Will
To open the sacred seal
Five dancers round the flame will go
And within the Name reveal
A land where lakes are poured by hand
Yet the subtle wind runs true
There is an ocean hidden inside one Word
But the secret's known by few
Oklahoma surely your glory bound
I watch in pride as you raise your flag
For 100 years have your footprints sound
Beat in the heart of my red clay
From wind swept prairie lands
To the deep wells of precious oil
I am the Red Earth beneath them all
Oklahoma's native soil.

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