Natural Beauty

Her elegant hair she ware is natural its rare
to see such site her face shine she is worth more then a dime
she's priceless stealing her heart is a crime
unlike those blind females
that place design and slime on there beautiful face
a disgrace why not let it embrace
the taste that's natural its real a meal that is delicious
its nutrition it start me up like a ignition
her brown eyes leave me in a submission
I can't get out I'm in detention
her smile I can see from a distance it glistened
it's my vision her figure its sweet like a river of sugar
the height up to six feet she's unique because her body is complete
no need for any tweaks
she's naturally beautiful when God worked on her body
he was dutiful and very poetic
I read her deep verses then reverse it just to rehears it
she is the original version to me she is perfect
no artificial lady she is real that's what I'm stating

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