Natural Causes

How would you like to die?
None of the gruesome ways i presume.
Some say to die in peace, but what peace can they assume?
Does not death bring more turmoil then life has brought itself?
Because after death said turmoil, is now grief of someone else.

So how natural could these causes be?
If asking me its baffling.
If a person dies every second, it's not happening sporadically.
This natural thing we're captioning,
is gradually just masking things.
Behind its mask and things we see that nothing happens naturally.
So actually, miraculously this natural thing we haven't seen,
Is only sole proof that we're just naturally imagining.

But pardon me,
Because death by any other name is artistry.
A undefined design entwined by peace that catastrophically,
fell astray then parted ways for pain to do the mockery.
So when doctors see,
the unknown framed in shadowed haze through pondering,
before abhor
to know implore
How natural could these causes be?

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