Natural Disaster

Hard to fathom the pastures
Of my mental memories
More than metaphoric similes
My brainstorms crucial
Thoughts invades neural space
Spreading to entities
My wave can sweep as a gift or curse
Destructively rebuilding
Feelings driven against
any feeling adverse
Meteorologists await predictions of my thoughts
No barometer can measure my skill to a parameter
Isolated words beyond visional diameters
My words naturally splitting
On the verge of a Big Bang
In the recollection of wisdom
I carry away skepticism
With a array of lyrical depositions
I manifest the alpha and omega
In the flesh of a poet
Life and death
I would know it well
I'm the light of the depth on a global scale
My vocals prevail
And my words precipitate minds
With the dopest of hail
My focus is to resonate with minds
Give them hope or just hell
The storm you never seen coming
Where the quotes carry whales

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