Natural Survivor

I have been in a system so lost and confused.
Where life is uncertain and my feelings misused.
I went through the storm and flown through a fire
Only to find myself loosing strength by the hour.
I was told I would make it because I am so unique
But those words never made me so weak.
Every time I smile, darkness finds it way
To kill my gleeful mood and end a perfect day.
Life is a struggle but there is one guarantee
I am a survivor and no one can take that from me.
I've been through the fire, I've been through the floods
But I am still standing here bleeding natural blood.
I could have been dead a long time ago
But I am a natural survivor, ask anyone I know.
No one can take the life that Jesus granted me
Because I have a mission and I will succeed.
This is my story and I love how it's told.
The story of my life will never grow old.
My life is a testimony of how I can overcome
The battle on the battlefield and how I have won.
Being a survivor was in no way easy
In fact most of the journey I was scared and queasy.
However, this did not cease me from doing what I do best
Which is surviving the journey and overcoming the test.

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