Natural Things

Green and black body splayed out on her web,
waiting, just waiting so patiently,
though hunger was paramount.
Those winged bugs flirted in front of her,
she dared not to move.
Wait for it!!
Ah! At last the tingle of tangled wings
against the thin line came to her.
She eagerly sat, unflinching, hungry,
unmoving until the right moment.
Struggling against what it did not know,
the wings fluttered fitfully to release themselves.
Green and black moved to creep stealthily
across the silken line for a meal.
Knowing what came next,
I wondered if I should end it all
by knocking the creatures off the web,
and put an end to the spider.
I hesitated a moment and said
"No, I won't do this."
Leave Nature to herself.

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