I look at the sea, the trees, and the grass.And what do I hear?
The wind through the leaves.

Never mind the sidewalks and roads,
I long to walk the trail in the meadows.

I often won't notice the chirping of birds,
but oh how they light up the morning with it's peaceful clear skies painted a delicate pale blue.

Now take notice of that great green forest and the light cool breeze, because sometimes it's nice to be mindful of the beauty that surrounds us,
the pale shadows that creep in the corners cast by origins unknown, hidden away from our eyes like a lock missing it's key.

The natural tranquility seen everywhere you look is graceful and bright
it's challenged by none, yet witnessed by all.

So while it may not be you first thought of the day,
close your eyes,
be in bliss,
enjoy the notion of this:

behind your eyes lies the beauty
that nature provides.

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This Poems Story

My first attempt at writing a poem, it's somewhat lyrical and interspective, a bit.