Neither sky has the limit
Nor the sea has an end
Neither do the birds stop chirping
Nor we stop our trend...

What in the world to follow
What to live
Nothing defines
What to weave...

Never wondered;
What does space mean?
Is it a case...
Or just a mess?

Breathing in and out
We exist in universe
But still why the uniqueness
Meets the adverse ?

If life stays young
Then what's your ambition?
Why can't connect with yourself
And feel the motion?

How can earth bear 7.7 Billion ?
How's this possible
Even being curve
Takes care of every nerve...

Computers can interact
Lenses can contract
Mind can subtract
And correct speech can attract...

Unexplored and hidden
Theories of science
If Dipoles can radiate
Then why can't they pulsate?

Sitting under a tree
I think and think
Wondering about the things
That never ever blink...

Converse with nature
Joy and rejoice
Let the pain be kicked
By the choice...

Let the questions come
Try to answer some
Research and enlighten
Subjects that are titan...

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