It's the god given ground, and all it's beautiful plants all around.
We don't have to go far or even get in a car to get a glimpse,
because we all have some in our yard.
Stunning views on the longest drives,
how I wish these memories could be stored,
but we've yet to make that high capacity hard drive.
Its sad though we've taken nature down, and put billboards up.
In order to get the message out "bring the money in and nature out"
What a disappointing behavior.
Humans working against instead of with nature.
It's not hard to put it together not like you need tape or a stapler
I wonder how long before nature grows dry and cold.
Making every scenario so gloomy that it makes you feel alone.
How does that sound for Earth our home?
I don't know about all of you,
but I don't want our future generations
to only be able to get a glimpse of mother nature
through the screen of the latest smartphone

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